Fibre Drum Manufacturer

Fibre drums are known as the most useful packaging solution for your industrial business. These are usually made from cardboard, which is light in weight and is known to be environmentally friendly. They've been the cost-effective alternative for traditional types of industrial packaging, helping to provide excellent value to your business, which does the work of storing and transporting goods in bulk. These fibre drums are available in different sizes. They have a fibre cylindrical body consisting of a removable lid that can be produced from either plastic or steel. The fibre that's used for a cylinder body is made from materials that could be recycled.

What is a Fibre Drum?

They are used for storing several products, which include food products and flavourings, dyes, adhesives, rolled sheet material and even various hazardous chemicals. Fibre drums have far better corrosion resistance when compared to steel or plastic drums because their interior layer is made up of paper, which is coated with either foil. Fibre drums are quite affordable and may support your packages greatly during the worst weather conditions.

Types of Fibre Drum

Here are the different kinds of fibre drums available at the Fibre Drum Manufacturer in India:

1. Brown fibre drum

These drums are brown. Each fibre drum is made from virgin kraft paper, with a metal chimb fitted at the top and even at the bottom of the drum to provide strength. The size of this drum is 0-50, with a strong lever lock with vast ranges of products, including powder, granules and metal cables.

2. Kraft paper Fiber Drum

Kraft paper fibre drum is best for automobiles for packaging crown pinion or procession gear for Indigenous packaging.

3. Polylined Fiber Drums

These standard Polylined fibre drums are fitted with paper dish top and bottom for powerful construction. Our drums are accepted all around, even by international standards. In these drums, we use pallets of chemically treated wood. This consists of an anodised lock ring provided for tight fitting of the lid.

4. Square Corrugated Fibre Drum

These fibre drums were designed keeping in mind the international standards of quality. They are quite light in weight and even leakproof. These drums provide full comfort during packaging due to their recyclable closure band. It's completely eco-friendly.

5. Round Fibre Drums

These are made from compressed paper board or fiberboard material. In shape, they are cylindrical, with a smooth thickness of the wall and are mostly used to transport or store innumerable types of dry or semi-liquid materials. They are commonly known for their durability and strength. Comes in lots of varieties of sizes. It can be customised with certain closures, which include metal or plastic caps, printed with branding and instructions.

6. Plain Brown Round Paper Drum

Fibre Foils is also known for its quality of products and reasonable prices. Dealing in paper tubes, Edgesand corner boards. It has a chemical type of packaging. Brown in colour, the paper material is used for its making.

7. Small Fibre Drums

They are sometimes known as cardboard containers or fibre drums. Comes in a variety of sizes such as 100 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml, and 500 ml. Available in lots of varieties of diameters and sizes. Small versions of bog fibre containers where commercial quantities are packed.

The Importance of collaborating with Fibre Drums manufacturers in Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Fibre Foils provides the most sustainable packaging solutions. Our planning of products keeping sustainable packaging in mind is very up-to-date. Sustainable packaging is a way to help in carefully protecting the products. Our fibre drums are prepared from renewable and are lightweight raw materials. With the recycling services we have in place, we can support our target clients in reaching the point of zero waste. Our Fibre drums are the perfect alternative to plastic and even other non-recyclable materials for the production of hard containers. Their durability promises to protect at the time of handling and transportation. This even reduces the risk of damage or the loss of any such products.

For a sustainable approach, we, as Fiber Drum Manufacturers of India, have developed super great designs and technologies for enhancing the performance of fibre drums. Some of the prominent features are customisable options for printing, moisture resistance, and tamper-evident closures. With high awareness and a prime focus on reducing waste and carbon footprint, the industry of fibre drums is playing a very significant role when it comes to shifting towards more sustainable packaging solutions. Choosing them in place of plastic or steel containers contributes to a very low-carbon, circular economy.

Benefits of Collaborating with Fibre Drum Manufacturers

There is a huge variety of Fibre drums available in the market. As we move ahead, let's see what all the advantages are of using these Fibre drums:

  • Cost-effective alternative: Fibre drums, which are produced by the best Fibre Drum Manufacturers in India, like Fibre Foils, are lightweight and are even produced with the help of recycled materials and cardboard. This Fibre drum is best for packaging. If a business wants to ship or store huge quantities at that very moment, you can save a lot by having these drums.
  • Reusable and Recyclable: They help your business operate in a very sustainable way. They're prepared from recycled cardboard materials. It could be brought to use many times, creating a lot less waste than any other kind of industrial packaging.
  • Fibre Drums are compact and light: When compared, even the large fibre drums are compact and quite lightweight. In its production process, the type of cardboard used is light. Less weight even helps your company to save transportation costs. Fibre drums need quite less fuel in comparison to many other heavy industrial containers, even encouraging our business to lower the operating costs.
  • Helps reduce costs: Paper board is less expensive in comparison with plastic or steel therefore fibre drums are the most cost-effective measures.
  • Space efficiency: Fibre drums could be easily adjusted at the time of the manufacturing process. Our manufacturers make these in a variety of sizes, which helps in reducing transport efficiency at the time of packaging and shipping your product.


1. Why fibre drums?

Fibre drums are eco-friendly, the materials used in their preparation can be recycled, and the low weights of these fibre drums also ease transportation costs. They can carry heavy weights as well.

2. What are the applications of Fibre drums?

Fibre drums are typically used for storing solids and semi-solids. For example, spices and powders. It could be used daily by the pharmaceutical companies and food and beverage industries. These drums are even used for storing hazardous materials.

3. Fibre drums compared to other types of industrial packaging?

These drums are considered the best example when it comes to comparing them with other steel and plastic products. Fibre Drums that are highly stable with the lowest weights. Fibre drums are highly used for goods which are in bulk; for example, you can consider chemical pharmaceutical and food industries.

4. Are all Fibre drums eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes, all Fibre drums from Fibre Foils are eco-friendly, the materials used in the production process can be recycled, and even being lightweight cuts off the transportation costs. They are simpler to store, and they can even retain their shapes.