Angle Board Manufacturer

Angle Boards serve as an unbreakable buffer, shielding the soft and vulnerable edges and corners of packages from transportation and storage problems. The adaptability of the Angle Boards makes them versatile protection against compression, impact, and fall-related damage to the products.

What is an Angle Board?

Angle Board is a damage-preventing packaging product made from laminated paper. An Angle board is also known as an edge protector. These boards are made by folding two legs ( A and B ) at an Angle of 90⁰, adding strength, protection and stability to your package. Angle Board or Corner Board is a multi-layered kraft paper formed at a 90-degree angle. An Angle Board is the most economical packaging product. It is reinforced at all four corners of a box to prevent it from any kind of shipping damage. Angle Board Manufacturer in India, Fibre Foils Ltd. specialise in producing these packaging products. Their Angle Boards are rigid, providing immense support and cushioning the package against hard falls and knocks.

Angle Board Manufacturers such as Fibre Foils come with a wide range of multiple sizes and thickness options you can choose from. These Angle Boards are customisable as well. Their range of Angle boards contains Edge Protector, U Profile, Wrap around Angle Board and Corner Protector. The range of Angle Boards is between 25 mm to 100 mm, which can be customisable up to the wall thickness of 7mm. For U Profile Boards, the range starts with 100mm X 40mm with wall thickness up to 7mm.

Advantages of Using an Angle Board from Fibre Foils

  • The boards are recyclable
  • They are waterproof
  • They are more cost-effective as compared to wood
  • They are very Easy to handle
  • They are space-effective as well and require very little space to store
  • They are very easy to assemble and have sharp corners and edges
  • They have a very low tare weight
  • They are customisable and can be manufactured according to the customer's needs.
  • Fibre Foils provides the printing facility to print them according to your requirements.
  • These boards are unbreakable, uncrashable and sustainable.

Applications of Using an Angle Board from Fibre Foils

  • They are used for the reinforcement of packages
  • The most suitable option for protective edging
  • It can be used as a protective cover for packages
  • They are flexible angle boards
  • Provides external protection to the goods
  • Can be used as edge guard and corner guard in multiple ways
  • Also, it provides internal protection for products

Customisation of Angle Boards

Are you looking for a specific size and thickness in an Angle Board for your package? Not all Angle Board manufacturers provide the option of customisation to their customers. Fibre Foils Ltd. is a premium packaging product manufacturer that offers a wide range of customisable Angle Board options.

You can connect with the team of Fibre Foils and get your angle boards customised according to your requirements.

The Importance of Collaborating with Angle Board Manufacturers in Sustainable Packaging Solutions

In the competitive business landscape, sustainability is one of the most important aspects of analysing any product. Choosing Angle Boards from a reputed Angle Board Manufacturer such as Fibre Foils makes it beneficial for you to keep the packaging of your product sustainable. Manufacturers like Fibre Foils prioritise the quality production and use of eco-friendly materials to make their products without compromising sustainability. Collaborating with Angle board manufacturer in India like Fibre Foils allows you to bring your business to a sustainable packaging solution.

Benefits of Collaborating with Angle Board Manufacturers

Aside from the benefit of eco-friendly products, investing in a quality Angle Board manufacturer has many other benefits. The customisation option provides leverage and ensures the materials are used according to your needs. Angle Boards from Fibre Foils are cost-effective and can be customised anytime.

Fibre Foils is the best Angle Board Manufacturer in India, with many years of experience providing quality and rightful packaging products to its consumers. The Angle Boards provided by Fibre Foils are recyclable, are cost-effective when compared to wood, come in very handy, provide immense support to the packages, and are very lightweight and space-effective as well.


1. Why Angle Board?

Angle Boards are a reliable protective measure for your packages. They guard the edges and corners of packages during shipping and storage. They are versatile, customisable and sustainable, making them a rightful choice for Customers looking to enhance their packaging standards.

2. What are the applications of the Angle Board?

Angle Boards have multiple applications across many aspects, including shipping, logistics, manufacturing of packages and retail, but it is not limited to that. They are used wherever the protection of product edges and corners is needed.

3. How do Angle Boards compare to other types of industrial packaging?

Compared to other industrial packaging solutions, Angle Boards provide their customers with a choice to customise and are versatile. Their adaptability to different product sizes and shapes makes them stand out, providing a perfect protective solution for your packages.

4. Are Angle Boards eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes, Angle Boards manufactured by reputable manufacturers, such as Fibre Foils, are designed to keep sustainability in mind. These boards are made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, contributing to a more environmentally friendly packaging solution.